A route around our squares

“Following in the footsteps of our history”
Nachi Mira Cerdán


This route connects the town’s most antique monuments in addition to visiting different squares where visitors may rest. In all the above locations you will be able to find detailed information included in our heritage information stands.


We shall begin our route at Plaza Mayor square (1), a meeting place for locals where we can visit Our Sra. Del Socorro Basilica church (2) and the Town Hall (3).

We shall advance along calle Mayor street (4), where we shall soon discover the historic centre’s irregular layout, with winding streets that give rise to corners and small squares that remain oblivious to the hustle and bustle of busy main avenues.

Standing behind the façade of what was previously the old inn, Fuente La Pena fountain (5) well deserves a stop to rest. In the old times, this was a gathering place where the ladies met on a daily basis to fill their jugs with water. Nearby, we can find Wagner Theatre (6) and Alfredo Kraus Auditorium (7), with an interesting cultural schedule throughout the year.

From this point, we shall continue along Gregorio Rizo street towards one of the historic centre’s expansion areas to reach San Juan street square (8). Here you may rest on a bench near the fountain and admire the image of the Saint presiding this space from the one of the home’s façades. These niches, chapels and devotional tile panels dedicated to saints have been preserved in several streets as a representative element of Aspe’s urban fabric.

We head along Vicente Calatayud to reach another square located near the river in order to admire the remains of Castillo del Aljau castle (9) situated near Puente del Bano bridge (10). This bridge that has undergone several reconstructions due to being one of the main points of access to the town.

Almost on the opposite side of Avenida de la Constitucion avenue, we shall stop at the History Museum (11) in order to gain a deeper understanding of our history- Before continuing towards Doctor Calatayud park (12) where we will find the Food Market (13), a further gathering place for the locals, particularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the flea market takes place.

We shall return to the irregular laid out streets along La Rosa street, leading us back to our starting point at Plaza Mayor square.