Monument guided visit.

This cultural trail shall depart from the council’s historic centre, Plaza Mayor square, a meeting and resting place for Aspe’s locals. From this point, we can admire the majestic Our Sra. Del Socorro Basilica church as well as the Council House, the famous old Town Hall, as well as several bourgeois residences built during the 20th century economic boom, all of which are located in the same square.

Once we have become acquainted with these, we shall advance via the street at the rear of the Basilica while listening to historic anecdotes as we continue strolling through the irregular layout of the town’s traditional streets.

We shall carry on towards Avenida de la Constitucion avenue to reach a small square located near Puente del Bano bridge to examine the ruins of Castillo del Aljau castle before advancing towards Aspe’s History Museum to learn more about its history.

Finally, via Juan de Austria street, we shall reach one of the council’s most emblematic spots, the Food Market, a location famed not only for its trade but also as meeting place for the locals.