Our town council

Along with its council territory and those of Novelda and Monforte del Cid, Aspe is part of Vinalopo river’s south-central valley basin. With an extension of 69.79 square km, it borders with the town of Novelda in the north, Monforte del Cid in the east, Elche and Crevillente in the south and south-east, Hondon de las Nieves in the west and La Romana in the north-west. Aspe is located at a distance of 4km from Novelda, 5km from Monforte del Cid, 8km from Hondon de las Nieves, 12km from Elche, 13km from both La Romana and Crevillente, 25km from Alicante, 60km from Murcia, 190km from Valencia and 399km from Madrid. Its triangulation station is located in the centre of the town at 0º, 46’, 2’’ degrees West and 28º, 20’, 48’’ degrees North and at a height of 238 metres above sea level. Our town is steeped into the wide arid area of the Spanish south-east that abruptly begins south of the Alcoy mountain range. Its steppe climate with a strong effect on the vegetation and crops is arguably the trait that can best define these lands. This is an area where the coastal plains are combined with wide passageways between the small inland mountain ranges at the south of the province of Alicante.