Throughout the year, Aspe plays host to interesting culinary events: our Aspe chef seminars, alternated with some exhibitions, tapas competitions and different events. A combination of tradition and innovation that will allow visitors to taste the same ingredients prepared and presented in alternative ways.

Among the most prominent events are…


From the year 2000, this restaurant organises a culinary week, with surprises in the shape of innovative ideas that combine new trends with the most traditional dishes. An event that has become the flagship in Alicante’s cuisine, during which more than 200 customers and friends meet every day to pay tribute to our regional cuisine and our Mediterranean sea. For this purpose, Ya Restaurant prepares its best specialities and invites a fellow restaurant each day to share in each of these daily seminars.


In 2001, Alfonso Mira, another Aspe based restaurant, organised their first culinary event. And despite the saying that goes “don’t fix something that isn’t broken”, Alfonso Mira restaurant has continued to challenge this myth on every edition with good results. In this manner, they continue to grow year on year by adding cultural sections, tastings, round tables, etc. Four, six, twelve… up to thirty nine chefs! They are coming to a point when they have started to question how to improve this event further. But if one thing is clear, is that they will continue working with lots of enthusiasm in order to surprise their customers while enjoying their cuisine, their culture and our people.


During August, Aspe Town Council organises the TASPEA event, gathering several local bars and restaurants that offer their best tapas at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy their unique ideas.


24th May to 16th June 2018.

  • Local cuisine
  • Tapas crawl
  • Children cuisine
  • Wine tasting
  • Show cooking
  • Enotourism

  • 4th to 7th May. Presentation at the council’s stand in “Alicante Gastronomica” exhibition held at the IFA.
  • 14th May. Presentation and tasting of Aspe’s cuisine at El Portal, Alicante.
  • 24th May. Alicante designation of origin wine tasting at Ya restaurant.
  • 1st to 3rd June. Tapas crawl around Aspe
  • 7th to 12th June. Local cuisine
  • 8th June. Peque-Cocina (Kid’s kitchen) Typical sweets from Aspe
  • 9th June. The sweetest trail
  • 16th June. Show Cooking with Alfonso Mira at Alfonso Mira’s restaurant. Hand crafted beer tasting. Culinary Exhibition’s closing event.