In 2001, Alfonso Mira, another Aspe based restaurant, organised their first culinary event. And despite the saying that goes “don’t fix something that isn’t broken”, Alfonso Mira restaurant has continued to challenge this myth on every edition with good results. In this manner, they continue to grow year on year by adding cultural sections, tastings, round tables, etc. Four, six, twelve… up to thirty nine chefs! They are coming to a point when they have started to question how to improve this event further. But if one thing is clear, is that they will continue working with lots of enthusiasm in order to surprise their customers while enjoying their cuisine, their culture and our people.


Dirección: Ctra. de Alicante 0,5 | Aspe 03680 |
Telefono: 965 492 102 – 638936 773
Horario:Lunes – Miércoles – Jueves – Viernes – Domingo 10:00 a 18:30 h.
Viernes y Sábados 10:00 a 02:00 h. – Martes cerrado por descanso