2h. 20 min.






8000 metres

This short distance trail has its starting point at the Holy Cross hermitage. From here, it continues via La Temerosa track that runs between Sierra del Moro mountains on the right and several plots of land and agricultural farming houses on the left. Once at the Y junction, visitors must take the left hand side track to continue along the PRCV 242, since the road descending towards the right corresponds to the Upanel short distance trail (PR-CV 169).

A soft ascent via La Temerosa track takes us around Santa Elena development to reach the summit of our route. From the mound on the right, visitors can enjoy an excellent panoramic view of Aspe council’s south eastern landscapes, as well as most of the low Vinalopo river region. If we follow the same track for just over one kilometre, we will start a descent towards Fuente de La Coca fountain, where the house of the same name is also located.

Our trail crosses over the AVE fast railway bridge to continue our descent along La Temerosa track leading to two possible directions. On the left, we will find a slight ascent towards Los Madriles, where we may observe native vegetation species such as rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and black hawthorn (Rhamnus lycioides). Our itinerary continues to descend towards Barranco de la Coca ravine, crossing the 18th century Puente de los Dos Ojos aqueduct to reach Vinalopo river, from where Castillo del Rio castle, an Arabic fortified settlement in use until the 13th century, can be observed on the opposite side.

We then follow the river course for about 300m until we arrive at a Y junction in Puente de Hierro track. Our itinerary heads along the right hand side path, allowing us to ascend back to La Coca natural site. We return to the urban centre via La Coca track, reaching Santa Elena development after just over one kilometre. Before accessing the urban area, we shall take a track on the left in order to return to Holy Cross hermitage via La Temerosa track.